Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tradestream?

Tradestream is a webapp that automates your calculations and analysis. It -

  • Finds stocks that fit your criteria- volume, market cap, sector etc
  • Calculates signals on stocks based on technical analysis or fundamentals- moving average crossovers, RSI, revenue growth, or any combination of technical and fundamental indicators.
What kind of criteria can I use?

You can set any combination of conditions that combine technical indicators and fundamental data from the company's financial statements. For example, you can use moving average crossovers, or find companies with 3 year revenue growth more than 20%, companies with a market cap of more than $100 million, with a traded volume of at least 50,000 and a PE ratio below 20. To view the full list of technical and fundamental indicators available, please see this link.

Which countries do you cover?

Currently, we cover-

  • India - National Stock Exchange.
    Financial statement data is available for most companies, We are adding more companies every week.
Is the data real time?

No, the data is End-of-Day. Tradestream is ideal for traders who hold stocks for at least a few days or more.

Is Tradestream a broker or financial advisor?

No! We are not a broker or financial advisor. We don't execute any trades for users. You can execute trades through your current broker.

The alerts generated by Tradestream are not investment advice, and users should make their own investment decisions after thorough analysis. Tradestream gives your more information and helps you make the decisions on your own.

Do you make any guarantees about returns?

No. Tradestream does not give out any investment advice, and the reports are not to be taken as investment recommendations.

I have a strategy, can you help me automate it?

Great! Please try out our Scan Builder. For most strategies, the scan builder is very simple to use and it will take you only a couple of minutes to build it yourself. If it is more complex, or you are unsure if scan Builder can do it, please get in touch with us at , and we'll set it up for you on Tradestream at no extra cost.

How should I get in touch?