Watchlists : Portfolio Tracker

The Portfolio Tracker/ Watchlist section is the best way to keep an eye on all the stocks you're interested in- whether or not you hold them currently, or if you just want to follow them.

With a free account, you can create 2 portfolios- Maybe one to track stocks you currently hold, and another to track stocks you're just interested in. With a Pro account, you can create 10 portfolios and keep all the different types of stocks separate.

When you pull up the Watchlists tab, by default you will find a watchlist with your username that has already been created for you. This will load by default. You can create more and set any of them as the default.

Build a watchlist

To add an entry, you can either use the Add Stock button to add stocks one by one, or use the Import button to upload a file from Google Finance/Yahoo Finance, or import it from a broker directly.

Once your watchlist is ready, you will automatically get signals on the stocks in it. If a stock in your watchlist jumps on an acquisition announcement, or drops after a long uptrend, will automatically keep you informed- this ensures you never miss an opportunity! You can customize the alerts you want to receive for this watchlist in the Alerts tab.

####Share your watchlist

Once your watchlist is ready, hit the Share button in the footer to enable anyone with the link to view the contents. They cannot edit the contents, only view it.

You can also embed these watchlists in your blog using the Embed button. Here is an embedded watchlist

Customize watchlist

You can customize the columns in the watchlist from the Columns tab. Select the columns you want from the drop down, and keep adding. Remove any columns you don't need from the current list. When you're done editing, hit the Save button.

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