Scan: Rising on Heavy Volume

Every week, we write about one scan that we use on, starting with Rising on Heavy Volume.

This is a fairly simple scan, it looks for stocks which are up more than 3%, and the traded volume is at least twice the average volume for the last 30 days. This finds stocks that are seeing a sudden surge in buyers. Some examples from the previous month. This is typically for a daily chart, but can also be used on Weekly charts.

While it is a very simple criteria on its own, it finds stocks that are seeing a strong interest, and you would want to use other signals along with it to make a decision.


This first showed up in the scan on November 20 at 172, and rallied really fast after that, going up almost 20%


Another signal on the same day, jumped up and continued upwards


This was already in a strong uptrend, but after the first upmove and consolidation, it broke out to a new high on heavy volume on 17th November to 270, and from there continued to 380 in the next 2 weeks. finds these signals for you and lets you focus on the analysis. To find other signals based on this scan, check the Scanner.