Trade Journal- Importing data

Today we're going to show you how to use the Journal to get insights into your own trading history. To get started, go to the Journal tab on the navigation bar.
When it loads for the first time, the P&L summary will be blank, since we don't have any data yet. If you have an account with Zerodha,or Upstox, you can import your trades instantly in just one click. Hit the Import Data button on the Dashboard to import today's trading history. If this is the first time you're logging in with Zerodha/Upstox account on, it will ask you for Read Permissions.


journal blank

After you start importing the data everyday, you should see a summary similar to the one below-

journal full

Alternately, to upload a lot of trades in bulk, you can upload a CSV file- Tradebook from Zerodha backoffice Q or the Trade Details CSV file from the Upstox backoffice. We are going to download the trade history and upload it to the Journal.


Head over to Upstox Backoffice and login. Go to the Trades tab -> Trade Details. Select the start and end dates, and hit Download CSV . Once you get the CSV, upload the CSV on and wait for it to process the trades.

To import the tradebook, first head to the backoffice Q, and from the menu on the left, navigate to Tradebook.

zerodha backoffice

Set the start and end dates, select the right segment- FO or CM, and hit the Download button. You should get an Excel file.

tradebook menu

Once you have saved the downloaded Excel file, all thats left is to upload it. On Tradestreamin, select the Upload Tradebook button from the Journal Dashboard.

upload tradebook

Select the saved Excel file, and hit Upload. If the file is large, it may take some time- a few minutes for it to process the data.


Upload the Tradebook only when there are no starting positions. will process all the trades in your tradebook to calculate your positions and P&L. But if you have previously open positions from prior to the tradebook's start date, the loaded data will be incorrect. In that case, please use the Import Data and start from the present day.